Hueber GOAT Feeds
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Hubbard Life Goat
Hubbard® Life Goat Feeds make up complete feeding programs for meat and dairy goats. They are formulated using high quality ingredients including yeast for better rumen function and ammonium chloride to help prevent urinary calculi.

We take special care to ensure that the appropriate levels of trace minerals, including zinc and selenium, are added to the feeds. In addition, new technologies have produced more readily absorbed minerals called proteinated minerals, which are also included.

In addition to the proper levels of vitamins A, D and E, B-complex vitamins have been added to help production and performance overcome stressors like fast growth, heavy milking, heat and transporting.

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Hueber SHEEP Feeds
• Hueber 16% Sheep
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• Hueber 19% Lamb Starter

Hubbard Life Sheep
Hubbard® Life Sheep Feeds are designed specifically for small or medium flocks. They contain no added copper, and are pelleted to reduce the amount of separation of ingredients, thereby reducing feed waste.

Our high-quality feeds are scientifically balanced for high nutritional value. Hubbard Life Sheep Feeds contain ammonium chloride and also maintain the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio which both help prevent urinary calculi (water belly).

In addition, these feeds are specially formulated to provide vitamins A, D and E, which are instrumental in the stimulation of the natural immune system.

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At Hubbard® Life, our nutritionists combine precise amounts of the highest quality ingredients to create a balanced, healthy food source for rabbits. Hubbard® Life Rabbit Feeds are formulated with quality ingredients, including high quality alfalfa meal to help provide optimal nutrition for all life stages. They are pelleted for ease of handling, improved consumption and result in less feed waste. Each product contains mold inhibitors to improve storage life, Schidigera Extract to reduce ammonia levels and improve overall air quality. Hubbard Life Rabbit Feeds contain yeast culture and probiotics which have been shown to improve fermentation conditions in the large intestine and caecum (hind gut) which improves fiber digestion for rabbits. When you are raising rabbits, their diet and nutrition are important to keep them healthy. Hubbard Life will help to ensure you are feeding your rabbits quality feed with our product.

Whether your rabbits are competing for ribbons, or are beloved family pets, they’ll succeed and prosper with Hubbard Life rabbit food.

In our Tips and Tools section, you’ll learn more about rabbit health and nutrition, and important conditions to watch for in your rabbits.

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Other Specialty Feeds
Hubbard® Life is pleased to offer a growing, full-line of Specialty Products for those specialty/exotic animals you feed.

We use the very latest nutrition technology and research to produce a line of the highest quality feeds for these unique animals.

  • Alpaca
  • Guinea Pig
  • Chinchilla
  • Deer
  • Ratite
  • Pigeon
  • Ratitie
  • Rat and Mouse
  • Bison