At Hueber/Dekalb Feeds, we understand that your goat operation needs a goat feed program to work with your goals. Whether you are a meat goat or dairy goat producers, we will work with you and your nutritionist to formulate the proper diet for your goats so they will perform to their highest potential. Our capable team is ready to help you custom blend your goat’s nutrition program.

Complete Feeds

16% Goat: 16% Protein, 5% Fat, 8% Fiber

16% Goat is a texturized feed that is high in fat. The feed is designed to maintain goats and be able to add weight when fed at a higher amount daily.

Meat Goat Maker: 17% Protein, 3.5% Fat, 13.2% Fiber

Meat Goat Maker is a highly fortified mini pellet feed that is designed to add weight and aid in muscle development. The mini pellet form allows for an added palatability that keeps goats on feed and eliminates sorting.


36% Goat Supplement: 36% Protein, 1% Fat, 7% Fiber

A supplement designed for mixing that is fortified with minerals and vitamins that make for easy mixing on the farm or in a mill. The pellet has organic and inorganic trace minerals to increase performance in your goats when fed in a balanced ration.