At Hueber/Dekalb Feeds, we understand that your swine operation needs a swine feed program to work with your goals. Whether you are a seedstock producer raising and selling breeding pigs, or a pig feeder developing market animals in a finishing program, we will work with you and your nutritionist to formulate the proper diet for your cattle so they will perform to their highest potential. Our capable team is ready to help you custom blend your pigs’ nutrition program.

Starter Feeds

Optiwean Crumble21% Protein, Fat 4%, Lysine 1.5%

Optiwean Crumble is a starter/creep feed that is designed to meet the needs of younger pigs. The crumble promotes less waste when starting pigs on feed while being highly palatable. This starts pigs quicker with a smoother transition to a grain-based diet.

Complete Feeds

17% Swine – 17% Protein, Fat 2.5%, Lysine 1.7%

17% Swine is a complete feed that is formulated for growing pigs. It is formulated to be cost effective and promote efficient growth in pigs.

14% Swine14% Protein, Fat 3%, Lysine .085%

14% Swine is a complete feed formulated for finishing pigs. It is formulated to be cost effective and promotes efficiently all the way through finishing.

Sow Feeds

Optiwean Crumble10.5% Protein, Fat 2.5%, Lysine 0.63%

Sow Gestation is a complete feed that is designed to support gestating sows.

Sow Lactation14% Protein, Fat 4%, Lysine 0.85%

Sow Lactation is a complete feed that is designed to keep up with the energy needs of sows during lactation. Sow Lactation is fortified with higher vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Base Mix

Optiwean Crumble Basemix 21% Protein, Fat 4%, Lysine 1.5%

Optiwean Crumble Basemix is designed for younger pigs being fed creep feed or early nursery diets. It is designed with highly digestible proteins for early feeding of pigs.

Start N Grow24% Protein, Fat 3.8%, Lysine 2.84%

Start N Grow 500 Basemix is designed for grind and mix on farm for nursery diets. This basemix helps make nursery feeds easier to make by utilizing major ingredients you already have available on farm.

50/40 Enviro 1st Basemix – 12% Protein, Fat 1%, Lysine 8.5%

50/40 Enviro Basemix is formulated for grind and mix diets on the farm for growing and finishing pigs. Using this basemix allows customers to use their own major ingredients on farm.

80# Sow AA Basemix8% Protein, Fat 1.6%, Lysine 4%

80# Sow AA Basemix is designed to bring fortification to diets that are grind and mix on farm. It has a simple application for anyone.