Pelleted Mineral Cow BP BAL +CH+800RUM (P) 

Item #14886

Pelleted mineral for TMR when using by-products, where a higher Calcium to Phosphorus ratio is required. Pelleted form allows for more uniform mixing and better distribution. 

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fat – Min 2.0%, Crude Fiber – Max 7.5% Calcium – Min 13.5%, Max 16.2%, Salt – Min 11.5%, Max 13.8%, Vitamin A – Min 120,000 IU/lb 

Feeding Directions

Mix at the rate of 40 pounds (0.5 lbs/hd/day) along with other feedstuffs to total 2000 pounds dry matter of a Type C feed containing 16 grams of Monensin per ton on a 90% DM basis. Feed the resulting Type C product at a rate of 25 lbs/hd/day of Dry Matter to provide 200 milligrams of Monensin per head per day. 

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