Our Top 3 Creep Feeding Tips

by Cal Dewitt, Livestock Specialist Creep feed is an important tool in increasing your calves' performance and achieving your nutrition goals by weaning. Below are our top 3 tips on feeding creep feed for success. You ...Read More

Hueber Feeds Releases New Equine Supplements

Hueber Feeds has formulated a line of equine supplements for all classes of horses. These supplements offer solutions to a variety of common nutritional challenges amongst the equine community. Below is a brief description of ...Read More

New Product: Tidal Wave

Introducing, Tidal Wave; a showpig supplement which is designed to customize definition and desired look without sacrificing stamina When should Tidal Wave be used? You should use Tidal Wave when your animal needs additional dimension and definition. ...Read More

New Product: Swamp Water

Introducing, Swamp Water; a multi species supplement formulated with electrolyte salts to increase water intake and water retention. When should Swamp Water be used? You should feed Swamp Water when you need to add ...Read More

Testimonial: Max Look – Bartonville, IL

Max Look and his wife run a show pig operation in Bartonville, IL. In addition to running the show pig operation, Max is an agricultural teacher at the local high school. Look Showpigs have been ...Read More

Lukach Seed Agency

Meet Lukach Seed Agency – Tonica, IL With a rich history in both retail and production agriculture, Lukach Seed Agency has expanded their products to include Hueber Feed products for their customers. Lukach Seed Agency has ...Read More

New Product: 3D

by Heath Harper, Product Development Hueber Show Feeds is excited to introduce a new product as we begin 2023! Introducing, 3D; a multi-use pelleted supplement for all species of show stock. This product is designed to ...Read More

Cool Weather Feed Storage

by Heath Harper, Roanoke Mill Manager If you live in the Midwest, you know how unpredictable and, dare we say it, CRAZY, Mother Nature can be. It is not uncommon to see -40 degree weather one ...Read More

Mill Manager Internship Opportunity

Hueber Feed is excited to announce that we will be offering a Mill Manager Internship for the 2023 Summer. This internship is flexible with the selected candidate's school schedule. The selected candidate will have the ...Read More

Most Feeds – Dealership Spotlight

Meet Most Feeds - Crete, IL What was once a dying feed company is now a successful equine, companion animal and garden store. Over 33 years ago, David Most, the current owner of Most Feed & ...Read More