Hueber Feeds Releases New Equine Supplements

Hueber Feeds has formulated a line of equine supplements for all classes of horses. These supplements offer solutions to a variety of common nutritional challenges amongst the equine community. Below is a brief description of each of them.

Equi+ Shield

Equi+ Shield is a gut buffer with calcium that supports digestive health and ideal pH. Equi+ Shield helps maintain neutral pH levels to support normal stomach lining and a healthy gastric environment during occasional stressful situations.

Equi+ Reset

Equi+ Reset is a natural postbiotic that helps promote healthy digestion. In addition to supporting your horses’ overall health, Equi+ Reset also helps maintain immune strength by supporting the good microbes in the hind gut.

Equi+ Gain

Equi+ Gain is an easily digestible formula which promotes weight gain without increasing grain intake for horses. Equi+ Gain is ideal for horses who need extra calories due to activity, age or condition.

Equi+ Replenish

Equi+ Replenish is a powdered electrolyte that helps to replenish nutrients lost from sweating. Our formula supplies electrolytes to encourage hydration.

Consult a Hueber Feeds Equine Team Member for recommendations specific to your needs.

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