Our Top 3 Creep Feeding Tips

by Cal Dewitt, Livestock Specialist

Creep feed is an important tool in increasing your calves’ performance and achieving your nutrition goals by weaning. Below are our top 3 tips on feeding creep feed for success.

  1. You can introduce creep feed at an early age but the calf’s rumen will not be able to digest it completely until they are about 2 months old. We recommend offering creep feed at 6 weeks of age and keeping a fresh supply in a creep feeder.
  2. Calves eating creep feed will consume 1-1.5% of their body weight. As the calf grows, so should their intake. Keep enough creep feed in your feeders to supply enough feed for all calves. Clean out your creep feeder regularly to avoid spoiled feed.
  3. Place your creep feeder under a shaded spot in your pasture. Calves like to stay cool and perform better when not under stress. Placing your creep feeder under a shaded spot not only keeps your calves cool but also keeps your feed from getting hot and spoiling.

Hueber Feeds offers various creep feed options to fit your operation’s specific needs. Contact your local Hueber Feeds Representative to discuss your specific needs.

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