New Product: 3D

by Heath Harper, Product Development

Hueber Show Feeds is excited to introduce a new product as we begin 2023!

Introducing, 3D; a multi-use pelleted supplement for all species of show stock. This product is designed to increase fill, rib shape and depth of rib in your project. Additionally, this product can serve as a holding pattern when your goal is to maintain or decrease calorie intake.

When should 3D be used?

  • when you need to keep your animal’s intake low or feed at a maintenance level.
  • to decrease overeating on a high energy diet.
  • on show day to add fill to the center part of your animal’s body.

How does it work?

3D’s ingredients combined with its pelleted presentation is the key. When water is added, this product expands 2X its original size. This will take up room in the animal’s stomach and act as a filler on a low intake or maintenance level ration as well as give a full center rib shape on show day.

How do I feed it?

3D is designed for multiple species. For feeding directions for each, please refer to the product tag.

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