Testimonial: Max Look – Bartonville, IL

Max Look and his wife run a show pig operation in Bartonville, IL. In addition to running the show pig operation, Max is an agricultural teacher at the local high school. Look Showpigs have been implementing Hueber Show Feeds supplements for 1 year; Steel Gut and Swamp Water.

“Since switching to Hueber’s showpig program a few years ago, I can honestly say I’ve never been steered wrong when it comes to supplement incorporation, but adding Steel Gut and Swamp Water to our tool box really changed the game for us. Convenient packaging, low inclusion rates, and cost effective are obvious benefits on the surface, but feeding products that actually do what they are supposed to do is becoming a rarity in today’s market play. These two are superior in that regard, as well.

Regardless if its babies getting ready to take to a live event any show weight hogs, Steel Gut helps keep their digestive tract functioning right, especially when you’re pushing at the finish line. I’ve noticed those hogs’ conversion seems to ramp up and appetites seem strong during times of travel stress, feed changes, or increased energy delivery while on Steel Gut. 

Swamp Water is another valuable asset we use leading up to every target. Hydration is everything in an era when it takes a burly, broad one to get along. Swamp Water encourages extra water intake when it matters, and, as a result, drives appetite the last few days before a show. It has that unique ability to blow one up where they need to be full without tying one up.”

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