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On Target

Item # Increases overall bulk and mass due to the highly digestible fats and proteins that are included in the supplement.  Promotes muscle shape on the topside of the skeleton  Aids in adding mass on the backside of ...Read More

Barley Pop

Item # Adds bulk, spread and a hard fat cover to promote a dense appearing animal.  Highly palatable ground barley product that will increase response and digestibility.  Fortified with an advanced amino acid complex.  Ingredients Grain Products, Calcium Carbonate, L-Lysine, ...Read More

Tidal Wave

Item # Tidal Wave is the ultimate tool which allows effective delivery of complex carbohydrates for the desired shape and expression for the individual animals needs.  Tidal Wave is designed to allow you to customize to an ...Read More

Swamp Water

Item # Swamp Water will increase water intake by utilizing a complex and effective blend of sodium and minerals which is proven to maximize water retention in the cells.  Due to absence of sugars, Swamp Water will ...Read More

Steel Gut

Item # Steel Gut will aid in overall digestion in livestock.  The lactic acid bacteria found in Steel Gut helps to build a healthy response in the gut and allows animals to better utilize the nutrients that ...Read More


Item # 3-D is a multi-use fiber pellet that can be used for cattle, sheep and goats to increase fill, rib shape and depth of rib.  When you need to keep intake low or feed at maintenance, ...Read More

Top Defense

Item # Top Defense is a supplemental, pelleted top dress that is to be fed in situations where cattle are presented with stressful situations. (i.e., receiving cattle, hauling to and from shows, change in weather.)  It is ...Read More