Hueber Show Supplements

Barley Pop: Crude Protein, Min 13.5%, Lysine 1.4%, Crude Fat, Min 2.5%, Crude Fiber, Max 7%, Calcium, Min 0.2%, Calcium Max 0.7%

Barley Pop adds bulk, spread and hard fat cover to promote a dense appearing animal. It is a composed of a highly palatable ground barley product that will increase response and digestibility. Barley Pop is fortified with an advanced amino acid complex.

Feeding Directions: 1/2 – 2 lbs per head per day in conjunction with a balanced complete feed until desired results are achieved.

On Target: Crude Protein, Min 25%, Lysine 2.26%, Crude Fat, Min 45%, Crude Fiber, Max 2%, Potassium, Min 0.6%

On Target increases overall bulk and mass due to the highly digestible fats and proteins that are included in the supplement. It promotes muscle shape on the top side of the skeleton and aids in adding mass on the backside of the shoulder and top. On Target provides better consistent stool quality than the competition.

Feeding Directions: 4 – 16 oz per head per day in conjunction with a balanced complete ration.

Swamp Water: Salt, Min 60%, Salt, Max 63%, Calcium, Min 0.5%, Calcium, Max 1.0%, Sodium, Min 21%, Sodium, Max 25%, Potassium, Min 15%, Magnesium, Min 0.35%, Chloride, Min 50%, Calcium, Max 0.7%

Swamp Water increases water intake and retention through salt that may be list due to dehydration. Swamp water will add extra shape and expression as well as promotes muscle shape on the top side of their skeleton.

Feeding Directions: Dependent on species. See container for more details.

Steel Gut: Lacid Acid Bacteria not less than 1.3 million cfu/g, Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus Subtitles, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Pumilus

Steel Gut is designed to aid in overall digestion in livestock. The lactic acid bacteria found in Steel Gut helps to build a healthy response in the gut and allows animals to better utilize the nutrients that are consumed. Steel Gut also helps consistent feed intake, especially during times of stress.

Feeding Directions: Dependent on species. See container for more details.

Top Defense: Crude Protein, Min 14%, Crude Fat, Min 3%, Crude Fiber, Max 8.9%, Calcium, Min 2.3%, Calcium Max 2.8%, Phosphorus, Min 0.7%, Salt, Min 1.8%, Salt, Max 2.3%, Potassium, Min 0.9%

Top Defense is a supplemental, pelleted top dress that is to be fed in situations where cattle are presented with stress (i.e. receiving cattle, hauling cattle to and from shows, change in weather, etc.) Top Defense increases overall gut health. This occurs by utilizing bioavailable trace minerals to improve immunity and allows for higher vaccine efficacy.

Feeding Directions: 0.1 lbs per 100lbs of body weight. Top Defense is to be accompanied with current supplement.

Tidal Wave: Vitamin B12 Supplement 30 mg/lb

Tidal Wave is the ultimate tool which allows effective delivery of complex carbohydrates for the desired shape and expression for the individual animals needs. Tidal Wave is designed to allow you to customize to an individual pigs needs for definition and desired look without sacrificing stamina.

Feeding Directions: Incorporate 1 scoop of TIdal Wave in your pig’s regular feed 24-48 hours prior to showing. The enclosed scoop holds approx. 1oz.

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